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"Are you hiring?"

We are always accepting applications! In this industry, things can be unpredictable - including staffing. So, we leave our hiring open and accept applications at all times to help accommodate for the unpredictability of this industry. 

"How much do you pay?"

Pay is determined on experience and will be discussed at the in-person interview.

"What do I need to be eligible for hire?"

To be considered for hire, we do require our applicants to have a driver's license and active TWIC card.

"Why do I need a driver's license if I work on a boat?"

Even though your work days are spent on a boat, to get to the boat, we have company crew change trucks that are taken from our office to the dock for the crew change to take place. When setting up crew change, you could be the one driving the company vehicle, so having a driver's license is imperative to the consideration of employment.

"What happens after I apply?" 

Once you've applied with us, your application will undergo our pre-screening/reviewing process. As we are reviewing  and organizing applications, if we find your experience would be a good fit for what we're looking for, we will reach out to you to conduct a brief telephone interview.

"What does a telephone interview consist of?"

If selected through our pre-screening process, we will reach out via telephone to ask you some questions to get to know you and your experience better - this usually takes no longer than 10 minutes.

"What happens after the telephone interview?"

After the telephone interview, we will select/call back people who best match what we're looking for to come in for an in-person interview. 

"I've worked with Rodi before, can I be rehired?"

While being eligible for rehire has multiple factors to be considered, we always encourage you to reapply with us.

"Can I go out on a vessel the same day?"

While we love and appreciate the eagerness to get started, there are steps before going out that are required to be completed before going right on a vessel.

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