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Navigating Success Together: 
Rodi Marine's Unrivaled Maritime Expertise

Rodi Marine, established in 2006, is backed by a team of owners with a combined 75 years of invaluable experience.  Louisiana natives, Donald “Wade” Guillory and Jody Jarrell, joined forces to leverage their skills and experience to establish a marine transportation business catering to the oil & gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.  Recognizing the potential for growth, the team welcomed Timothy “Zeke” Randazza to their ranks in 2007, further enhancing their capabilities and expertise.  Together, they laid the foundation for Rodi Marine’s success in servicing the marine transportation needs of the region. 


Rodi Marine upholds a steadfast commitment to being a leading marine transportation operator, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability above all else.  We pride ourselves on maintaining an exceptional team of captains, crews and support staff.  These individuals play a pivotal role in fortifying Rodi’s ability to fulfill its mission and ensure that its team is equipped to navigate challenges, implement best practices, and provide the highest level of service to their valued customers. 


Through our unwavering commitment to safety, efficiency, and reliability combined with the expertise of our well-trained team, Rodi Marine sets itself apart as a trusted provider in the oil & gas industry. 

Meet The Owners

Jody Jarrell - CFO

Wade Guillory - Sales

Zeke Ranadazza - Port Captain

Meet The Team

Casey Crouch - Business Development Specialist

Alvin Guthrie - Safety / Compliance

Allyson Bayard - HR Director

Joanie Comeaux - HR Coordinator

Stephanie Stilkey - HR Personnel Assistant

Amy Melear - Purchaser / Runner

Timothy Charpentier - Port Engineer

Rusty Gisclair - Port Engineer

Daren Price - Port Engineer

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